One of the greatest gifts I've ever gotten was my daughter ❤️️ my inspiration My name is Dari! I just am a crafty stay at home wife and mom!

In May 2015 my fiancé and I (now husband) realized we were pregnant and IMMEDIATELY began praying for a little girl. We got married in August 2015 and found out in October 2015 that we were indeed expecting a Princess! We were both so overjoyed with this news that we began planning and searching for ways to protect her hair in hopes of preventing that unsightly bald spot that most babies get. So one of us (we can't remember which) came up with this idea to make her some baby bonnets! So, here I am, 5 months pregnant, phone glued to my hands on YouTube University searching for tutorials to get an idea on how to make baby bonnets. I found none! I did however find some on how to make adult bonnets so I just ran with it! I googled a little more information on baby head size, found out where to buy cute fabrics and VOILA! The creative juices began flowing! I successfully made my first few bonnets completely by hand! Of course I HAD to share my excitement with Facebook...And THAT'S when things got crazy. ​Long Story Short! My husband took to Amazon to order a sewing machine for me and I haven't stopped sewing since 😊 I absolutely LOVE sewing! ​Orders started coming in and I began to get overwhelmed so I decided to start an Etsy to keep everything organized. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I love what I do!​ Above are photos of my husband and our children. Each and every one of them motivate me to continue to create and without them as well as people like you PureDari wouldn't continue to be a success. ❤️​Thank You for all of your Love and Support,
​Dari 💕

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